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[09 Apr 2005|03:34am]

Saruh: shackles? jeez. shackles makes it seem really scary for some reason. I don't like shackles.
Joday: i bet he will write a poem about this.
Saruh: what rhymes with shackles?
Saruh: back bills. daft dills.
Joday: i leave the court in shackles... we stop at the store for some snack..les. i could be a poet.

[18 Mar 2005|01:00am]
saruh, saruh, saruh. i miss you!

[31 Jan 2005|05:40am]

Jodi I have so much to tell yooooou.

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[13 Nov 2004|08:26am]

Joday: it's a good vid and it's very angsty. and therefore, incredibly great.
Saruh: I will never tire of angst. I wish I had created it.
Joday: hahah. that would be fantastic if you had been the creator of angst. now we need a time machine so we can go back and make you the creator of angst. it could work.
Saruh: Whoa. I just seriously started thinking about how that would work. First I'd have to make three people. then I'd have to make two of them fall in love. and then... have one of them cheat on the person with the third one. and then have someone die.
Joday: hahahah.
Saruh: then seperate everyone and let them know the other people are in danger. and make them get shocked faces and then run off trying to save the other people. ONLY TO FIND THEM DEAD.
Saruh: but then I'd be out of people.
Saruh: and the world would end. and then... We would not have been born to be able to create the time machine in the first place!
Saruh: Oh the paradox....
Joday: hahaha. i love how you are thinking this through.
Saruh: dreams do come true
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[01 Oct 2004|01:37am]

Joday: you aren't supposed to smoke while you're on birth control! it can cause cancer. which is bad. obviously. but, eh. i guess the chances aren't all that likely. (and saying that is now going to cause me to have 3 different kinds of cancer at once)
Saruh: I wouldn't smoooke. Well, I'd try not to. Fuck it. I'm never having sex with men. I have just decided. I'm not giving up smoking for a penis.
Saruh: Smoking for a penis sounds like a horrible reality tv show.

we haven't posted in this community in forever. [29 Sep 2004|04:55am]
Joday: i love how because i don't like her, i make fun of her livejournal...
Saruh: It's the next step, logically, to make fun of ones livejournal.
Saruh: or... in her case. SUCKjournal.
Saruh: mwaaa hahahahahahaha
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[08 Jul 2004|12:04pm]

Saruh: my sister got a 70 on my quiz
Joday: aahhh. i win over your sister.
Joday: that's, like, the greatest thing ever.
Saruh: It is. Only she re-took it and got 100.
Joday: hahah. she's a cheater just like me. how great.
Saruh: But you are still #1 because you got them all right first. Well, even if you cheated. The #1 spot can not be taken!
Joday: hurrah! i am the best.
Saruh: Psssh. She thought I hated Avril Lavigne.
Joday: hahaha. i think she is great. me and her... we're like this, *crosses fingers* only not. but i like saying that a lot.

[30 Jun 2004|08:30am]

Joday: the world of livejournal is just not my friend today.
Saruh: Livejournal is just confused. it will take you back in a day or so
Joday: i hope so. i am freaking out. livejournal shouldn't hate me. because... i have been with it all these years.
Saruh: We are so co-dependent on LJ. It's bad. We are wasting our lives!!!!!!
Saruh: *checks friends list*
Joday: hahah. we aaaarrrre. but... oh well. at least we're not wasting it on... other stuff.

[30 Jun 2004|07:17am]

Joday: i am lip synching to the linkin park song overdramatically. it's fun if you're me.
Saruh: aww I wish I knew the lyrics
Joday: haha. aw. that's so rare when someone wishes they knew the lyrics to a linkin park song... hold on to that feeling.

Joday: animated chester is funny looking.
Saruh: A ha!
Saruh: You DO know their names!
Saruh: *eyes you*
Joday: hahaha. i know chester's!
Joday: but who doesn't?
Saruh: Uh huuuuuh...
Saruh: I didn't.
Saruh: *eyes you MORE*
Joday: you said it eeearlier! ahaha... i think. hahaha...
Joday: okay. i know joe too.

Joday: once, we went to a local show and brought jp and chris along with. and chris was wearing a linkin park shirt, so we made him turn it inside out because we did not want to be seen with someone in a linkin park shirt. i felt this story had something to do with what we were talking about.

[30 Jun 2004|05:53am]

Joday: today i was hanging up a poster and i had a tack in my mouth and i was like, "i'm gonna tell jackie i swallowed a tack." so i begin coughing a lot and then i make whiney weird noises and i run to jackie's room and i was like, "UHHNNNN JACKIIIEEEE I SWALLOWED A TACK!" and she sat up real quick and her eyes got all wide, "YOU DID NOT!" "no, i didn't..." and i just walked off. it was funny until she punched me...

[29 Jun 2004|05:08am]

Joday: i'm so tired. and i want go to sleep but i have full house. and mcdonalds at 7
Saruh: Aw, yeah you should stay up for Full House and McDonalds
Saruh: check out the summary for todays full house episode "Michelle is princess for a day at Walt Disney World"
Saruh: How can you resist that?
Saruh: hahahahha
Joday: aahhhh. i cannot.
Saruh: and the one after that is "michelle has a tea party with her favorite disney characters"
Joday: hahahaha.
Saruh: ahahahahah
Saruh: *dies*
Saruh: How exciting.
Joday: i agree. i am looking forward to these episodes.


Saruh: You know how this episode happened? The cast hated the show and wanted a vacation, so they asked the director. and he looked at them and got evil eyes... then said "as you wish.... mwaaahahahahah!"
Joday: hahahaha.

July 19th - 24th [28 Jun 2004|05:04am]

[ mood | excited ]

5 days. In these 5 days we must fit these things into it.

Things we need rides for
*Downtown Deland hanging outage
*The mall
*Steak N Shake
*Wal Mart

Things we can do at my house
*Watch Buffy
*Watch... other stuff. Requiem For A Dream. Maybe Thirteen. Some Angel episodes with Doyle. Drive Me Crazy. Perhaps some Fawlty Towers and Abbott and Costello.
*Smoke. Because we are hardcore.
*Listen to The Smiths in my front yard area

There was more. But now I can't remember.

And Joday found this from one of my old entries. (It's great how I talk like there are other people in this community)
"1. Play some old school Super Nintendo.
2. Go to mall/poster store. (photo booth pictures should be taken)
3. Go to Nancy's Consignment Store.
4. Meet everyone I can get to meet you.
5. Watch Buffy/Angel/Firefly.
6. Go to Library. (to find movies that may be of interest)
7. Go to Wal Mart.
8. Go to Steak N Shake.
9. Hang out outside. at night. when the sun won't kill us.
10. Get Joday to draw/paint stuff. It will be fun.
11. Have a photoshoot of some sort.
12. Go to Volta.
13. Go to Downtown Deland."

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[28 Jun 2004|04:50am]

Saruh: RANDOM STORY TIME: So, I had these pictures I messed with on PSP last year. and they got into the school poetry/art newsletter thing. I go yay. Then recently, I was looking back over those pictures. This one imparticular. I found the folder with the original of that picture. and I was looking at it. and I realized. YOU CAN SEE MY BOOB IN THE PICTURE! Because I had just gotten out of the shower because I wanted my hair to be wet in the pictures and I didn't think it mattered because I was taking just head shots and I didn't think you'd be able to see anything. But you can. so my boob is in the school newsletter thing.
Saruh: Even if you can't really make it out.
Saruh: I know it's there.
Joday: hahahahah.
Joday: ah, you're great. <3
Joday: that's just... awful. i would freak out.
Saruh: I did!
Saruh: and the entire school saw it. but they have no idea.
Joday: haha. and i bet there are people like me in that school that examine every aspect of every picture in the school newsletter and they looked saw your boob and knew it.
Saruh: I have a fear that the authorites THE FBI will see it and think I did it on purpouse and KILL me
Joday: hahah. the fbi is so watching you about your nude pictures.

[28 Jun 2004|03:34am]

Saruh: did you ever watch that trailer for that movie?
Joday: i watched some of it. but it freaked me out so i stopped. haha.
Saruh: How far did you get?
Saruh: Did you see when the boy is on her bed, and the girl is staring over her at the head of the bed??
Saruh: Dude. That's the part that got me and made me close it out.
Saruh: So of course I shared the link with you.
Joday: ahhh. yes. that is about the time i closed it off. haha.
Saruh: You know, if I was in the Ring, I would be the one who would go to you and be like "You should watch this tape. It's sooo cool."
Saruh: But I'd watch it with you.
Saruh: I just like getting scared to much.
Joday: hahaha. you would end up killing me. damn you.
ick. it freaked me out. i hated it. so then i ignored it and read sex communities. hahah.

[27 Jun 2004|05:07am]

Saruh: I want to make a spanish show of my own someday.
Joday: you should. with jewish actors.
Saruh: ahahah
Joday: it would be grand.
Saruh: I can't wait.
Saruh: That's going on the list.
Joday: hurrah. i love our list.
Saruh: Me too.
Saruh: I wish I was keeping track of whats on it.
Joday: hahah. me too. we should start.
Saruh: That's going on the list.

[27 Jun 2004|04:27am]

Saruh:Full House is coming on.
Joday: gaahhhhh. jayme won't change the channel.
Joday: i might cry.
Joday:I KNOW..

[26 Jun 2004|04:52am]

Saruh: Aw, Full House is on.
Joday: aww.
Saruh: DirectTV summary: "A visit to the museum wrecks a dinosaur skeleton"
Joday: ooooh. i've seen this one. every family tv show has an episode like that.
Saruh: Because you know, that's so common in familys. You aren't a real family until you've wrecked a dinosaur skeleton together.
Joday i know it's happened to me a few times...
Saruh: As it has me as well....

Saruh: On Full House they just had this crazy stupid stereotypical school drop out. and I hate him. Because the guy said he was wasting his time on books by dead guys. and he dropped out because school is hard. and that pissess me off. Because lots of people drop out for good reasons
Joday: gah. i hate the stereotypical school drop outs on sitcoms and shows. they make me hate tv.
Joday: for a few seconds.
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[26 Jun 2004|12:42am]

[ mood | amused ]

Saruh: I have learned something from this. Don't play with ouija boards. and don't take naked pictures of yourself. That is all the advice I have to offer you, young grasshopper.


[25 Jun 2004|04:34am]

[ mood | amused ]

Joday: "of course we are emo kids. psh. why didn't we see it before?"


[15 Jun 2004|03:11pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I found a hoodie with this on it at the consignment store today.

Is that one of their songs? Or... what? Nancy didn't know what any of it meant and I told her Minus The Bear was a band. But I wasn't sure about the rest.
Impart you all knowing wisdom.

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