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July 19th - 24th

5 days. In these 5 days we must fit these things into it.

Things we need rides for
*Downtown Deland hanging outage
*The mall
*Steak N Shake
*Wal Mart

Things we can do at my house
*Watch Buffy
*Watch... other stuff. Requiem For A Dream. Maybe Thirteen. Some Angel episodes with Doyle. Drive Me Crazy. Perhaps some Fawlty Towers and Abbott and Costello.
*Smoke. Because we are hardcore.
*Listen to The Smiths in my front yard area

There was more. But now I can't remember.

And Joday found this from one of my old entries. (It's great how I talk like there are other people in this community)
"1. Play some old school Super Nintendo.
2. Go to mall/poster store. (photo booth pictures should be taken)
3. Go to Nancy's Consignment Store.
4. Meet everyone I can get to meet you.
5. Watch Buffy/Angel/Firefly.
6. Go to Library. (to find movies that may be of interest)
7. Go to Wal Mart.
8. Go to Steak N Shake.
9. Hang out outside. at night. when the sun won't kill us.
10. Get Joday to draw/paint stuff. It will be fun.
11. Have a photoshoot of some sort.
12. Go to Volta.
13. Go to Downtown Deland."
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