Saruh (corn_child013) wrote in saruh_n_joday,

Saruh: Aw, Full House is on.
Joday: aww.
Saruh: DirectTV summary: "A visit to the museum wrecks a dinosaur skeleton"
Joday: ooooh. i've seen this one. every family tv show has an episode like that.
Saruh: Because you know, that's so common in familys. You aren't a real family until you've wrecked a dinosaur skeleton together.
Joday i know it's happened to me a few times...
Saruh: As it has me as well....

Saruh: On Full House they just had this crazy stupid stereotypical school drop out. and I hate him. Because the guy said he was wasting his time on books by dead guys. and he dropped out because school is hard. and that pissess me off. Because lots of people drop out for good reasons
Joday: gah. i hate the stereotypical school drop outs on sitcoms and shows. they make me hate tv.
Joday: for a few seconds.
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